About Sandra Chira

Sandra Chira contemporary design label, fonded by the Romanian designer with the same name, reconfirms the value of image authenticity in a globally unstable context marked by uniformity. Against excessive consumerism, Sandra Chira collections support the philosophy of Slow Fashion and propose restoring a stable connection between our individual identity and our social packaging. Definitive aesthetic coordinates are: contemporary associations of materiality and structure, socio-cultural messages, manufactured details. 

 Sandra Chira speculates local identity items with timeless value that respond to the need for social individualization. The collections of the young designer, a graduate of BA and MA of fashion design studies in Timisoara, Paris scholar and doctor in visual arts, encompass multiple identity aspects, from socio-cultural concepts to materialization in aesthetic visions. Sandra Chira’s creations confirm the importance of image authenticity through unique objects with increased attention to details.