Sandra Chira Ready to wear #noseason 2020

„About my joy of drawing … a shirt of his, which is also my jacket, a t-shirt of his, which is also my dress …”

The newest collection signed by the clothing designer Sandra Chira, #noseason READY TO WEAR 2020, is about the relationship between man and his coat, being the first mixed project, womenswear / menswear of the brand. An extensive collection, adaptable for any season, made mainly of natural and recycled materials, using a neutral color palette, with colored grays.
Sandra Chira addressed issues related to identity in all the collections launched so far, focusing especially on what expresses „our image for others”. The artist says that lately she has felt more and more pregnant that “for the people I admire, clothes are important only insofar as they signify something and independent of the social context in which they are placed. For them, the social image is not a priority and becomes the way in which the choices, including the clothing ones, are more authentic. ”

The #noseason READY TO WEAR 2020 collection is about the normality of life, without fireworks and philosophical messages. It is, as Sandra says: “about landscapes, beings and places that are joy for me. About how fine cotton or home-woven fabric feels on the skin. About the creases and shadows that a coat makes after you wear it, after it hugs you or after you fall into the grass.
About the timelessness of the chromatic and textural refinement, which resists the new eclectic trends. About my joy of drawing … a shirt of his, which is also my jacket, a t-shirt of his, which is also my dress.
About the meaning that a garment that represents you culturally gives you. About the emotions we try to carry with us in objects, in books, phones, photos and in clothes, at least temporarily forgetting the patterns and trends that standardize our image. ”

Photo credits – photography//Cristina Siminiceanu, models//Andreea Lauș//Robert Ghencea, make-up artist//Oana Maria Borza//Codruța Maria